Campaign Issues

Traditional green themes such as safe food, clean air and crime free streets are the starting point for the campaign. Hugo Charlton sees help for the countryside through a substantial increase in organic farming, liberating farmers from the chains of industrialised husbandry.

The key issue will be

Law and Order

Hugo Charlton's practical experience of the causes and consequences of criminal conduct has convinced him that the current approaches to solving the problems of urban crime are not working.

He believes that it is essential to create an acceptable urban environment that is both pleasant and practical to live in, such as the greening of public spaces and a realistic approach to urban crime.

He believes that basic Green principles (sustainable development, regard for others, respect for animals and an understanding of the needs of the environment) are underlying principles for a civilised society.

Other concerns include:

Traffic pollution and congestion

  • The inadequacy of public transport
  • The threat posed by a nuclear waste train that runs over Battersea Bridge and along the Western edge of the constituency. This train uses the same signalling and stretch of track that featured both the Clapham and Ladbroke Grove rail accidents.
  • The release of tritium and plutonium from Aldermaston into the Thames near Reading which will subsequently be deposited on the Chelsea mud flats. The consultation process reports sometime this November.