GO FOR GREEN-5 Reasons to vote Green

  1. Improve Public Transport - reduce congestion & pollution

    The Green Party advocates greater investment in public transport and opposes privatization of the London Underground. The Greens would have electronic information boards at bus stops to tell you when the next bus is due and bus management to ensure continuous and regular buses.

    Large numbers of lorries and cars pass through the constituency, along Cromwell Road in particular. We call for extensive emissions testing to reduce pollution throughout London and generate income.

  2. More Law and Order

    Urban crime remains a problem for all of us. Angry rhetoric from the major parties is no substitute for practical solutions. We urge a realistic approach. Rehabilitation not simple incarceration is the long-term practical solution. More police out of their cars and on the streets combined with a pragmatic approach to the problems arising from the misuse of drugs, both hard and soft, will lead to a significant decrease in crime.

  3. Bringing together Town and Country and Greening the City

    We wish to bridge the artificial gap between urban and country living. We would encourage farmers to manage the countryside for the benefit of the environment, wildlife and people, and protect them from the demands of industrial farming. In particular we support organic farming leading to a reduction of intensive farming which, with the better treatment of animals, will lead to healthier and safer food. We have longed called for controls on genetically modified foods. At the same time cleaner streets, and a much wider use of public planting, including the planting of wild herbs, would create a more natural environment in the city.

  4. Reduce the risk of cancer causing nuclear pollution

    Radioactivity arising from nuclear pollution is known to result in cancer, and likely to be the greatest single cause of cancer in the country. The situation for Londoners will be made worse by the proposal to release of plutonium into the Thames from Aldermaston. Small quantities of this most dangerous radioactive material will be deposited on the Chelsea mud flats, which will then be blown as radioactive dust particles into the constituency.A further threat is posed by the weekly passage of the nuclear waste train along the Olympia railway line near to the scenes of both the Clapham and Ladbroke Grove rail disasters.

  5. Greens, a real alternative

    A green vote sends a message to the major parties that these issues matter. London already has a Green Party MEP, a member of the Green Group, the fourth largest in the European Parliament. The Greens form part of the coalition governments of France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.