Hugo Charlton, accompanied by Margaret Wright, Green Party Principal Speaker, to offer Crème de Menthe to residents of Kensington and Chelsea in gesture against anti-French nationalism.

Hugo Charlton, 48, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Kensington and Chelsea will be at South Kensington tube station on Monday at 3.30 p.m., accompanied by Margaret Wright, Principal Speaker for the Green Party. They will show their opposition to the wave of xenophobia towards the French by offering passers-by a glass of French crème de menthe.

Mr Charlton, who practises as a criminal Barrister said, "We want to show support for the French or any other European country which applies the precautionary principle when considering the safety of imported products. Nick Brown is playing a cheap nationalist card and it is interesting to see which elements of the press are supporting him. The single market should not be used to overide local concerns. For example as a result of the Euratom Directive 96/24 we in this country may be unable to prevent the import of goods, including children's toys, made from recycled material contaminated with radioactivity above British safety limits. And anyway the French position prevents the live export of calves."

Margaret Wright, Principal Female Speaker for The Green Party of England and Wales said, "The Green Parties of Europe jointly produced an excellent report on the BSE crisis and they continue to be at the forefront of protecting the quality of food and the health and safety of the people."

Mr Charlton, former animal rights spokesman for the Party, has been active in the campaign to stop live animal exports, having been assaulted by the driver of a cattle truck on a Dover ferry in 1991 when questioning the welfare of the animals on a family holiday. He said, "Rather surprisingly I find myself supporting local abattoirs against the big players in the food processing industry who have manipulated EU legislation to their advantage. When necessary animals should be slaughtered as near as possible to where they have been reared."

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