The Greens do not accept Nick Rainsford's (Frank Dobson's campaign manager) explanation on Radio Four's Today program that the Labour Party data used to promote Mr. Dobson's campaign for selection as the Mayoral candidate was only used for "internal" activities. Darren Johnson, the Green Party's candidate for Mayor said today "I am advised that this attempt to escape a charge of improper use of data may fail as a letter was also sent to ex-Labour Party members, inviting them to re-join and help select "Labour's Candidate for London Mayor", which must take it outside the ' internal use' defence."

Hugo Charlton, the Green Party law officer and Kensington by-election candidate, who later in the week with one of the Green MEPs Dr. Caroline Lucas - will be delivering the Green Party's proposals on reform of the House of Lords - said, "Normally we would not care what the Labour Party got up to internally list fixing now becoming standard Labour Party fare, but they are also responsible for an historic change in the constitutional make-up of Parliament, and we are concerned that this disregard for fair play, including the probable illegal use of electronic data, is indicative of the approach the government will take when considering how to replace the House of Lords."

Mr. Charlton, a barrister, said, "Put simply, if they are not prepared to conduct their internal selection process properly, why should we trust them to reform Parliament?"

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