The Green Party believes the opportunity to subject the GM food industry to proper scrutiny will be scotched by the High Court this week. Protesters are asking for a full trial of all the issues, but Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Kensington and Chelsea, Hugo Charlton, a barrister who has already addressed the High Court in an earlier hearing on behalf of those in the Party, including himself, who have received the "genetix handbook", fears the outcome is a forgone conclusion.

Mr Charlton said "It is unfortunate that the influence of the genetically modified food industry has spread to the appointment of the High Court Judges who will hear the appeal by Monsanto against the decision for there to be a full trial on the rights and wrongs of pulling up their crops. Lord Justice Stuart Smith, the most senior of the three, is well-known not only for his close association with the Security Service but also for his determination to support the establishment."

" It is something of which I have personal experience and can be seen from the many judgments he has delivered," said Mr Charlton. " I have also had personal experience (when representing Terry Fields MP) of Lord Justice Pill's ability to ensure that the boat is not rocked irrespective of the legal arguments with which he has been presented. It must be some consolation to the GMO industry that for their support of the Labour party they have at least apparently managed to acquire some friends the High Court, even if they have failed so dismally with public opinion."

"Monsanto are trying to restrict opponents by using a short cut procedure. Quite properly the High Court Judge who first heard it decided the matter was too complicated to be decided on a " no defense" basis. Monsanto wish to overturn this decision. They had asked for the addresses of all those who had received the "genetix handbook", presumably to intimidate them with service of a copy of the injunction. It is possible that Stuart Smith LJ will take this opportunity to impose severe restrictions and punitive costs in order to deter further demonstrations. He is a Judge who clearly has his own political agenda and it is regrettable, but not surprising, that he has been chosen for this task. I would like to have to eat my words, but I suspect it will be sandwiches as usual when we get the result."

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